Managing the resource to cope with customer demand, so you don't have to


The Cute team is an extension of your business, providing a reliable arm to manage volumes of traffic and content.

We design teams to perform whatever customer relationship management tasks are required, as well as help with with many other aspects of the day-to-day running of your business that require reliable and flexible resource.

All of this frees you up so you can get on with delivering great products and services.


When your customers talk to us, they are talking to you

Our teams maintain complete up-to-the minute knowledge of your product from head to toe, and we are as passionate about it as you are.

  • We speak in your tone of voice, representing your company culture and values to the customers we speak to, providing the most up-to-date help and information about the product.
  • We present your customers’ experiences, thoughts and feelings back to you, reporting on exactly what you need to know about what people are saying.

And all this is fully scalable – we will seamlessly manage fluctuating volumes of traffic on your behalf, without any disruption to customers, and without you losing any understanding of exactly what customers are experiencing, feeling and doing.


  • Frontline inbound customer support
  • Omni-channel support
  • Pre-sales questions, ‘how-to’ guidance and general user help
  • Technical support, working around user issues and bugs
  • Comprehensive ticketed issue management
  • Billing and payments support
  • Refund processing


Keeping your business and your customers protected

Consumer contributions are a fundamentally important part of many businesses. Cute manages millions of pieces of user-generated content every year.

We deliver fully integrated systems and make sure that every single individual content contribution from the user community is quickly, quietly and carefully managed in the way it needs to be in order to:

  • Protect your brand values
  • Keep customers and communities safe
  • Preserve the integrity of the business




  • Moderation system design
  • Risk assessment
  • Social Media management
  • Malicious and spam content management
  • Image editing & processing optimising



Supporting your team, as well as your customers

Working with Cute provides you with flexible and reliable resource that can easily adapt to changing workloads. Our teams comfortably handle any amount of inbound queries and submissions from service users and customers.

We know the businesses we work with inside-out in order to provide the best service to customers, and can manage workloads from within the business in order to make the most of valuable resources.

Back Office Support Solutions Include:

  • QA Testing & Support
  • Data Input & Management
  • FAQ development
  • Marketing Campaign Support
  • Audio and Video transcription
  • Research & Data Gathering


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