Helping consumers understand and appreciate new payment technologies

Cute has long worked with operators of phone-paid services, helping them to deliver a great customer experience. From charity donations to competition entries and music streaming to bus tickets, everyday services are commonly delivered and paid for via a mobile phone. We help users get the best out of services, capture the feedback that drives future development and support user issues or complaints to a happy conclusion.


Supporting the UK Dating Industry

Making the most out of the search for romance

We’ve been working in the digital dating industry in the UK since it began. We understand the way innovation in technology creates exciting opportunities in the age-old search for romance.


With over 15 years experience managing UK digital dating brands we understand the industry inside-out

Trust, Safety & Security

Trust is key when it comes to sharing your information online – we work with the industry developing recognised standards and keep online dating services safe, secure and effective.

Value & Loyalty

Dating services foster communities of likeminded individuals – we work with partners to maintain their brand values and assure customer loyalty and retention

Supporting the New Economy

Helping businesses that empower the consumer

Technological advances have led to an explosion of on-demand and share economy marketplaces that ‘cut out the middle man’ and connect consumers with each other, peer to peer. Users share, trade, and access almost anything from places to stay to cars and taxis, equipment and products, experiences, skills and services. In doing so, economic communities are created where members are producers, consumers or both.



In this world of C2C markets, trust and “reputational capital” are vital, not least for the businesses managing the marketplace itself.  We understand both the challenges and the opportunities these user communities and markets create.  We work with businesses to help manage, support and nurture them in a way that both builds trust and loyalty and captures the invaluable contribution community participants can make to product and service development.

Building Communities and Platforms


Cute Media works with media corporations, broadcasters, telecoms companies, consumer brands and other organisations, safely integrating and managing UGC into television programming, web and mobile web services and generating revenues from charged user participation, subscriptions and advertising.


We operate numerous dedicated TV channels in the UK and internationally and work with broadcasters and media owners on live projects such as reality TV and major sporting programming, integrating web, social media and mobile telecoms to maximise participation.

We operate online dating and community management services and provide operations, customer services, technology and consultancy services to our clients and partners.

We’ve developed interactive offerings for some of the UK’s biggest media brands – expanding the possibilities across broadcast, print, mobile and online to deliver valuable customer interactions.